9 Rental Property Tax Deductions for Landlords

Being a landlord is AWESOME… until you get hit with unexpected expenses for maintenance and repairs!

Luckily, you can deduct a number of expenses related to the operation of your rental property as a business. From the cost to maintain the yard to repairing the property in between tenants or even the mortgage interest you pay all year long, you’ll be able to cut down your total tax bill.

These are the 9 most common tax deductions for landlords:

1. Mortgage Interest

2. Property Taxes

3. Insurance Premiums

4. Real Estate Depreciation

5. Maintenance and Repairs

6. Owner Paid Utilities

7. Legal and Professional Fees

8. Travel and Transportation Expenses

9. Home Office

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Always consult with a trusted tax professional to ensure you maximize what options are available for you.