Home Buyer Advantage Program

Discover an unmatched home buying experience with the Home Buyer Advantage Program, tailored to ensure a seamless and personalized journey from start to finish.

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Program Details

1. Love It or List It Guarantee:

If, for any reason, you don’t love your new home within the first 12 months, I’ll list and sell it for FREE! You'll need to cover the buyer agent's commission of 3%, however, I won’t charge you a dime for the listing commission. It’s all about ensuring you love where you live!

2. Guaranteed Home Warranty:

A home warranty can provide peace of mind, covering unexpected repairs. If I can’t negotiate a 12-month home warranty from the seller, I’ll buy one for you! Your comfort and satisfaction in your new home are my #1 priority.

3. Cancellation Guarantee:

Relationships are built on trust and satisfaction. If at any point you feel we’re not a good fit, you can cancel our agreement with no cost or obligation. I am confident in delivering a service you’ll be thrilled with, every step of the way.

4. Distressed Seller Program:

- In real estate, getting a great deal can make all the difference. I’ll work to find motivated sellers offering their homes below market value. This may be distressed homes, foreclosures, and bank-owned properties. I want to ensure your money goes further in finding you the right home.

5. On-Demand Showings:

I schedule home showings on YOUR timeframe, including for sale by owners, vacant land, or new construction. My team and I are here to cater to your timetable, making the home buying process as smooth as possible.

6. Custom Loan Programs:

I’ll assist you in getting fast pre-approvals and finding the best financing solutions tailored to your unique situation, giving you a competitive edge when making offers.

7. Strategic Negotiation Advantage:

Finding a home that you’ll love in this market can be tough. My expertise in negotiation gives you the best chance to not only find the home you’ve been dreaming of, I guarantee that I will negotiate the very best deal possible, securing seller credits to help pay for your closing costs and even buying down your mortgage rate!

8. Stress-Free Transition:

From the moment we go under contract to the moment you turn the key in your new home’s door, my team and I handle the heavy lifting, ensuring a seamless process, clear communication, and meeting all deadlines.

9. More Than Just a Sale:

My service doesn’t end at the closing table. If you need a reliable mover, handyman, electrician, or any other professional service, I’ve got you covered! I’ve got a network of trusted professionals ready to assist. And, I'll stay in touch to ensure you’re settling in just fine.

10. Personalized Home Matchmaking:

Understanding your desires and lifestyle allows me to hand-pick homes that align with your unique story, saving you time and stress in finding the perfect match. It’s about making your home buying journey personalized and enjoyable.

11. First-Time Home-Buyer Program:

Knowledge is power. This program is tailored for first-time buyers and will arm you with the essential knowledge ensuring a smooth, informed purchasing journey.

12. Sell to Buy Program:

- Moving can be stressful, especially when selling and buying at the same time. My custom tailored process eases your transition, reducing the stress of moving and ensuring a seamless experience from your old home to your new one.

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